Candy Shop - Mochi

    The team of Candy Shop is back in busines - this time they gonna target on mochi (japanese treats aka rice cakes or candies). But not everyone on the team are happy on that fact that asian candies coud be better than their own - looks like the story of power ranger technology is about to repeat! So the box of treats eventually become the embarking point of new adventures for our heroes which will end up in hot action and hot fuck-fest scenes. Of course you will get the chance to control the action when it will come up to hentai (which is also japanese by the way!) - just choose any of the available tests and enjoy this sexy and colorful circus go absolutely nuts and someteimes even a small bit creepy! And don't forget to check how eating too much sugar may affect one of your basic instinct!
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  • Added: 2018-05-20
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