Lesbian Grappling

    In distant Japan, closed wrestling tournaments are held among the Yakuza clans. Matrones and young, virgin damsels take part in them. They are abducted by Yakuza from dysfunctional families. In this interesting flash game you will learn the story of a young and virgin chick who fell for a lesbo wrestling. Matrona embarks to press the chick bashing her fists on the assets. Then she tears the clothes off the chick to see her young assets. After that Matron deprives the chick of chastity and fucks in the bootie. Blood flows from the vulva of the chick into the ring. The chick screams with fear and anguish, but Matron continues to fuck her again and again. And this is simply the beginning of the story. Want to know the sequel? Then embark playing right now.
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